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February 09, 2010


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That looks really good. I need to eat better. I had Hamburger Helper tonight. It was left over from last night. And dinner for tomorrow night. :( I have no excuse! I don't even like it. It's just something horrible I have to get through after work and before tv starts. Like getting a shot or being forced to clean up after the dog.



Good soup. Love snow days!

Dawn S.

Kelly, I love reading your blog and knowing that Bun snuggles up against your computer while you are writing it makes it even better!


Okay, I'm just lovin' your blog! I made the "Flan Cake" that aag mentioned in one of her posts and immediately fell in love! That cake is positively to die for! Now that I've nosed around a bit here, I'll be coming back. Thanks!


Welcome nitebyrd! The flan cake is something special and impressive yet totally easy. Glad you liked it!

Hil, I used to eat like that all the time. I recommend Tuna Helper, cheesy noodle flavor or whatever they call it. I considered that to be mighty fine eatin'. :D Your cartoon is breaking my heart!


I do this thing where I buy fancy mac and cheese from Target (Vermont cheddar for example) and then throw a package of tuna into it. :0 I think I'll stick to that from now on.

I am debating the merits of just eating 4-5 tiny meals a day instead of actually cooking a proper meal I won't like anyway (and certainly not for endless leftovers). We'll see how that goes.

m3 ds

Yummy! Thanks for such healthy recipe. Keep posting.
Enjoyed this site, will visit it again.

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