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January 19, 2010


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The Beautiful Kind

Your friend asked me if I've tried any of your recipes. I said no, as much as I enjoy them being a part of your blog, they're not my favorite part.

I am going to try this one tonight, so there! I'm an easy cheesy kinda gal.

Kelly Eddington

Yay!  I had this idea that you were a vegetarian/possible vegan, so I didnt expect you to try my recipes at all.  I hope you like this one!

Italiana Girl

OMG, I've had supper but I'm resisting to go into my kitchen to try this recipie....


BTW, your blog is awesome, thanks to Poof's link on her Beauty Broadcast blog. I've been following the both of you for about a year.

I had to post as this is making my mouth water.....

...and I love it...SHOWER recopies! :D


My DH is the same way about tomatoes. So I'll give this a try. Looks scrumptious!
Speaking of showers I would love to see more wedding/shower photos. The one recent wedding photo was beautiful!

PS Which of the Nigella's cookbooks do you have. I have "How to Eat" and love it. My fav recipe thus far is the Chocolate Raspberry Pudding Cake (ofcourse it would involve chocolate ;-) I use preserves rather than fresh or frozen raspberries. And it really is as easy as she makes it sound.
Sheesh! what a long comment. I'll quit now. Cheers!

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