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January 21, 2010


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Awwww, that Poof! She made ME cry just looking at the photo :) Your entire family is just beautiful, Kelly! You're so fortunate!


Thanks for sharing these great photos with us! "Angriest flower girl" so funny. You looked so beautiful. Jeff so handsome.

Kirsten Vanderspek

Just one more reason why you rock: You are not a Bridezilla! It truly is all about love for you and Jeff and that's beautiful to see. That last photo is stunning.


Thanks everybody! I think the key thing with me is that I'd never fantasized about being a fairyprincessdivabride. The relocation problem was more of a challenge for Jeff and me to prove to each other how adaptable we are. Jeff was a total rock star setting things up in the house and at the reception. Wedding MVP for sure. <3


Thanks for heeding the request of a basically anonymous commentator on your blog. I do appreciate it. You are stunning in your wedding photos.
If I may make a suggestion you should consider cropping the one framed by the window (w/ your dad pre ceremony) so it's just you, w/ bouquet, framed by the light. You may like how that looks. You may even want to paint that.;-)
FYI I dabble in photography. I am strictly an amateur though!

Kelly Eddington

What can I say, bj?  If you comment a lot, you get what you want here!  :D  Thanks for the suggestion and kind words.


Im actually not wild about that photo...its nowhere near my favorite or anything Id paint, cropped or otherwise.  Those photogs were bush league, but we put our wedding together very quickly, and they were the best we could find.  They got a few good shots, though, and thats all anybody really needs.



Gorgeous pictures! you look stunning! my favorite is the last one, it's classic. I wish you and Jeff many years of happiness together.


Hey Kelli, It's good to be a woman who knows her own mind and is confirmed in her own tastes. You certainly have good taste.
Looking back at my own wedding photos (from oh so long ago), my favs are all but one the unposed ones. The rest look like everyone else's wedding shots and serve only as a reminder of how we used to look back when (e.g. more hair for the guys ;)and that bridesmaids are real troupers for putting up w/ those dresses!
Thanks again.

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