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January 17, 2010


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Kevin Hunsperger

Wow, looks like a fun filled weekend. Merry Birthmas to all.

Kelly Eddington

Thank you Kevin!  I urge you to celebrate Birthmas next year!


Why, Kelly, I believe you've acquired something of a twang in the past 20 years!


I agree that the money "butches up" the pink cake. Totes.


Great photos of a fun family. Those cakes are so special and just made your party. The best video Emily has done to date. I love seeing the ones with the two of you together. I may have to get that Too Faced set. But the best is Tyler in the pile of kitties. He seems like such a super nice guy. Just an all-around great post!

Wednesday Addams

I think your family should adopt me. It looks like so much fun! I am going to try making those cocktail sausages next Christmas.


1. It is AWESOME that Tyler found a job, congratulations to him.

2. Poof is so adorable, I really had no idea before watching this video.

3. Cream cheese frosting of any color trumps any other frosting ever. Manly or not.

Stuart Blessman

Could I convince you to one day just do a massive recipe post? I'm bookmarking all these awesome recipes but they get so lost with everything else...


Ive just spent about 2hours going through your blog, its AMAZING! Your extremelley artistic and all your photos are just breathtaking! Excellent blog thank you so much for sharing with all of us


What camera / model do you use? You're pictures are crystal clear!

Kelly Eddington

Consider it done, Stuart!


Ha! your voice!

The Beautiful Kind

1. Pirate cake is my fav
2. Glad Tyler didn't get a snuggie
3. I love the eyebrows on both sisters. I have a thing for great eyebrows.


Love the get-together posts. You have a great family! Awesome Birthmas ;-)

Kirsten Vanderspek

Kelly, I followed you here from Achtoon Baby but I gotta say that I don't even miss U2 anymore (...much). Your blog is one of my favorite things on the web and I just want to say thank you so much for these generous glimpses into your life, not to mention your awesome recipes (with great notes that have helped me out on more than one occasion!), your gorgeous artwork, and just your overall fun writing style. You rock, your family rocks, Birthmas rocks!


Jebus, look at all these comments! Thanks everybody!

Melinda, I'm sure I have developed a twang. It only takes a couple of hours before I've absorbed an accent, it seems. My family accused me of having a Chicago accent when I was at Western, and they mocked my aggressive Ls. And yes, P., HA! MY VOICE! I couldn't agree with you more. But, as is the case with many things, it could have been so much worse.

My eyebrows (and Poof's) require near-daily maintenance. :)

Kimberly Erin

Great post, I follow Emily's blog and thought I would check out yours. Both of you are great entertaining writers and I enjoy your pictures and recipes.

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