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December 01, 2009


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I wish I had you as a teacher in jr high. We had some guy named Mr. Winters who taught us how to fold paper into balls that we could inflate and spend the period throwing them at each other while he went to his happy place over in the corner. No lie. While he was nice to me and gave me a book about being left handed and another book about Doctor Who monsters from the 1970s he failed to have an awesome clay project. I don't even think the school had the budget for clay. Kids these days have it so easy.


I have always wanted to try pottery, the one art form I was never taught. Is it possible to manage an at-home do-it-yourself independent study? Just wondered.

Kelly Eddington

Hil, the more I heard about Mr. Winters the sadder I got. You poor kids.

bj,I think you'd be better off taking a class. Our area park district offers casual yet educational ceramic courses. Doing it yourself seems kind of ill-advised because of all the equipment you'd need (esp. a kiln), so you'd about have to go somewhere instead of staying at home. This is why I prefer watercolors. :)


I kind of thought that's what you'd say. I'll check out some classes at a nearby college campus. They have great local artists teaching art courses.
PS I prefer acrylics myself.

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