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December 07, 2009


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You have expanded my nudie knowledge. Allow me to return the favor: http://www.rockabillyhall.com/NudieCar1.JPG


I came across your blog from your sisters beauty broadcast blog and youtube. I have looked through almost all of your posts and it is really a fun blog to read. I catch myself wondering what you'll say today.?.? I just wanted to say I keep the entertaing info. Oh also I love your hair! I have curly hair and straighten it everyday...I would love to know what products you use, if you have time.

Andrea E.

Hey! I have been a long time lurker and so enjoy reading about your cooking adventures. My company Christmas party is coming up soon and I have to bring a dish to the pot-luck themed party. My first thought was one of the many things that I have seen on your blog but I have a tiny problem. I work full time and am a college student who lives alone and therefore I don't have very fancy cooking supplies nor the skill to make anything super complicated. I was wondering if you might have a suggestion? I can bring a main dish, dessert, side dish, it doesn't matter! Thank you so much and keep writing those awesome blogs!


Melinda: hawesome.

Desiree: thanks for reading! I have never straightened my hair in my life (am afraid of blow dryers, flat irons, etc., for real!). I use some of the Sexy Curly Hair line of products: http://www.sexyhair.com/curly.htm
...specifically their conditioner, curling cream, "full on curls" and "curl power." That's a lot of products, but we use well water that is loaded with dissolved iron, and this works for me. Also my hair is really thick and coarse--basically a bunch of wires--and it needs all the help it can get.

Andrea: I hear ya. I used to live in a graduate dorm with a hot pot and that's it. I looked through all the recipes I have here and the following do not require a stove in any way and are all real favorites of mine.

1. http://alizarine.typepad.com/weblog/2009/07/the-heavyset-cheeseball.html The heavyset cheeseball wins at all times. I'm assuming you don't have a stove to fry up the bacon, but what if you went to a restaurant and just ordered some? All you need is five pieces, and you could get away with less than that. You can also buy pre-cooked bacon in supermarkets. Mix it with a spoon, no problem. I'd totally do this one if I were you. People will go insane for it.

2. http://alizarine.typepad.com/weblog/2009/06/avocado-and-green-pea-hummus.html Got a blender? This is very easy to make if you have a tough blender. Big hit, looks Christmasy.

3. http://alizarine.typepad.com/weblog/2009/06/vegetable-antipastostuffed-bread.html
This requires buying a lot of ingredients, but after that it's basically an assemble-a-big-sandwich kind of thing.

I hope this helps you!


yum! I need to add this to my repertoire. Thanks!


Mark Bittman made gnudi on the Today show this morning! Between you, Paul McGuinness, and now "Bitty," I feel like the universe is telling me to try this dish. It must be destiny.

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