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December 21, 2009


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The Beautiful Kind

I'm over here swooning, you madwoman. I'm going to go Hansel and Gretel on you! Unless Martha Stewart gets to you first.

Janice (via emily's youtube)

you are lucky to have each other, as you are both clearly insane. Love it!


Oh my my...! That is just awesome..
And kudos to your husband for all the support and help..
:) :)


This is the BEST ginger bread house I've ever seen!!! Even better than those on the bake off shows on Food Network. I really love your blog and look forward to new posts. You and Jeff are such a great couple. Love the kitties too! How's the chucklet?

meghan czernik

i have to say that is the most beautiful gingerbread house i have ever seen! My daughter doesnt believe its all made out of food! Great work!

Kelly Eddington

Geez, thanks you guys! It was such a lot of work, but once we start a project something kicks in that makes us have to finish it and make it as awesome as possible. Jeff is such a fun husband. I'm so lucky to have found a partner in Christmas crime, as his daughter calls it.

Gina, we haven't seen the chuck or chucklet in a while and assume they are in their underground lair, which is probably somewhere under the house, hibernating. And it makes me happy to think about them there, snoozing and cuddling while I have to go to work. They clearly have winter all figured out. :)


That is an awesome gingerbread abode!
You and your hubby rock the party. I can only attest to that through your photos, since I don't know you and all that ;)
I found your site through your sister's YouTube channel. You two are a hoot together!


the bestest gingerbread ever...i couldn't imagine trying something like that!! awesome job pupster:)

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