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November 12, 2009


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I'm fairly certain I'm going to have a rough day today, but thanks to you, Kelly, I now have a contingency plan for recovery which involves the following:
2."All I Want For Christmas" (for which I have also harbored a long-lived and shameful adoration)
3. Rattle the windows with #2, wolf down #1
4.Gloat ever so slightly on your dazzling flattery. (Shucks.)


Ha! I'm not alone in loving that song!

Melinda, whenever you post something new on your blog, it's cause for celebration in this house. Either Jeff or I will announce, "New Melinda post!" the second we know about it. I think you're a genius and it's my duty to shout it from the rooftops. :)


I dunno', Kelly - I just can't get on board with your assessment that the holiday RPB treats are better than the regular RPBC. I LOVE that thick chocolate edge on the regular cups and prefer the more balanced ratio of chocolate to peanut butter. But, thanks for dedicating a blog post to the wonderfulness of the RPB candy - in whatever form it comes!!

Ryo Kiyan

Thank you so much for turning me onto Reese's (Christmas/holiday) Trees. They are heaven on earth!! I found them in the Christmas aisle at my local Rite-Aid in Liberty, NY. (I came across your blog while looking for an image of Carol Kennicott in Main Street. Your rendition is just how I pictured her! Awesome book. Wish I hadn't waited 47 years to read it.) Thanks!!!

The Beautiful Kind

OMG I love this post, especially the ending with comfy pants and gorgeous fall leaves!

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