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November 11, 2009


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Heartbreaking! :(

At least it looks like she'll live.


This bringst to mind Number 3 on my list of Reasons Why I Hate Ted Nugent: http://hardrockhideout.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/nugentbow.jpg


Oh man. Last month my dad was talking about some big-time rock and roll hunter who was going to pay the Eddington clan to hunt on our land. He couldn't remember the guy's name.

"Was it...TED NUGENT?"

"That's the guy."

So that's happening. Blew my mind!


Also all afternoon I kept hearing Lou Reed say, "...and if you catch a hunter? Shoot 'im in the nuts."


Mea culpa.
Ok I am officially feeling guilty about my last comment! But the caveat: there is a doe, that for the last several years has made a foaling ground of our woodsy backyard. So she must know that despite muttered *%$** about her flower-garden-decimating habits we mean her no harm. We have watched her fawn grow and this year we have spied a majestic buck traipsing in our backyard w/ familiarity and ease. I wonder if he is the little errant fawn, one of triptlets, who several years ago amused us all by always being the last in tow because there was always something interesting to complete before racing to join mom and siblings in the next grazing patch in a neighbor's garden. He has that majestic stance and a rack that would make hunters drool. But this is residential, and we're keeping him here.
As for your injured buck, call your local SPCA or Dept. of Forestry (names may vary throughout the country). The former usually has a wildlife division that can assist him and then release him into a park (where hunting is usually prohibited) when he is healed. I urge you to do it now. An injured animal will have a slim chance of surviving a harsh midwestern winter.


Yes, I can spell "triplets" ;-}


I'm speechless, Kelly. The Motor City Madman is hunting on Eddington stomping grounds? No flippin' way.

The Beautiful Kind

So sad. I am anti-hunting.


I am a hunter and things like this do happen and its something no one wants to see not even diehard deer hunters.The amazing thing is that this deer will more than likely make a 99% recovery.They are an amazing animal and just because i hunt them doesnt mean i have no feelings for them.god bless all

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