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November 08, 2009


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Dontcha just love Neko's teensy alto axe? It's starting to get that war-torn, Willie Nelson-esque look! http://farm1.static.flickr.com/121/278625791_04107a45f2.jpg
Beautiful road shots!


Heh! I totally thought Willie Nelson when I saw that guitar!


I'm a frequent reader and I love your blog.
I wasn't going to comment until you mentioned Neko Case, whom I love. :)


Thank you Anna! Neko's music has helped me through some tough, lonely times, that's for sure.


You're welcome! Your blog really is one of the best. I'd ask you to update it more often but I know there's a lot of work in making each post so good...so just do it like you're doing it. :)


Here when we see deer we run for our shotguns not our cameras. That is if I were the gun totting type, which I am most certainly not! But they do eat everything that ever blooms in our gardens. Are they to blame? Not really since the developers displaced them with their rampant building for the last few years. The irony: post financial crash, the McMansions are now abandoned.


That's so true, bj.

Julia Evelsizer

So im subscribed to emily on youtube and because of her video i decided to check out your blog. I love looking at all of your recipes, pictures of your feline children, art, and just your life. i feel like i know you because ive spent the last half hour clicking through your blog (with my stomach growling by the way...) I live in bloomington normal illinois which is why i started reading your blog in the first place :]
just wanted to say i love your artistic/eclectic style and i will be keeping up with your blogs from now on :]

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