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November 11, 2009


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Mr and Mrs Bo Jo Jones is one of the funniest books I've ever read, but not on purpose.

These covers are absolutely lovely. Gulliver's Travels is my favorite.


That doesn't surprise me that you'd like the G.T. cover. The student who did it is like a boy version of you. :D


It is so great to get to look at all these. What an amazing project with amazing results. And also great to hear you being engaged and upbeat and enthusiastic about it and them. It's like the Kelly I used to know! Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

David Comay

What a brilliant idea, Kelly. I love the idea of making these covers but even better is they're going to be put into circulation along with the books.


What an amazing project!! Creative, inspirational and green!! Teaching students to respect and love the bound written word and enhancing it with visual beauty. I am so addicted to your blog!! It makes me smile all the time. Again, thank you.


Once upon a time, a teenaged girl commissioned her artistic brother to meticulously replicate the art from her favorite album on a large piece of paper. The paper was then folded around a the girl's French textbook, and the art--the logo from her favorite album--was displayed on the front. It was unique. It was beautiful. It said "Stevie Nicks"! It was subsequently amended by one of my classmates to read "sucks donkey dicks". I beseech you: make color copies of these beautiful covers and *then* give them to the library!


I'll ask the librarian if she can make this happen for us, Melinda. I'm sure she will--she's been nothing but supportive of this project. :)


Ditto to Lucrecia's comments. I have heard that today's young only read Facebook. Nothing against facebook but we do need to treasure our "bound written word". Much of our history would be lost w/out it.

Henry Sene Yee

Kelly, what a great project. All your students are amazing. They did such an incredibly creative and beautiful job!

The Beautiful Kind

My fav is Moby Dick.

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