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October 18, 2009


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I love your posts. I found you through "Poof's" blog. I enjoy painting but do not often find time for it these days. Years ago, between college and grad school, I worked one semester as a sub art teacher. Loved going to work everyday. And I enjoy cooking. Love your down-to-earth take on great recipes.


Thanks for your comments, bj! It's amazing how many new readers I've acquired thanks to Poof. <3


I love your posts as well! I found you through Emily too, and I have to admit I am more into cooking than makeup (though i love her blog too). You are so funny and seriously you make the most beautiful sugar cookies ever!

Also, I copied you and bought the tiered cake pans from your Birthmas :). They were AWESOME. Thanks for the cooking advice, general humor and recipes!

P.S. What kind of jam do you like to use in these muffins?


Thank you so much, Rebecca! A lot of people find this blog via my sister, and I'm always so flattered when they stick around.

That cake pan is such a cool idea, although I found that some cakes--and it think it's the heavier, more dense kinds--work better than others. I haven't tried the recipe that came with the pan yet, though.

ANY kind of jam/jelly is good with these. I usually go with raspberry or strawberry, but grape is just as good. Go nuts!

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