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September 19, 2009


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WOW Kelly, that was such a great post on the boys! I think I'm with you on trying to embrace the newest album, and it has been tough. I find myself not wanting to play it, and I don't know why. Even though Rolling Stone magazine gave them five out of five stars. Now that I have read your review, I'm really excited to see them....that is if they make it to the S.F. Bay Area.
I saw them twice last tour, and was blown away. I did hear though that he had troubles last time in Chicago. We had the worst seats in the house when we went, and I still walked away in awe.
I thought the same thing, that this could be the last concert for them as well, and I think that is why I'm disappointed that they aren't playing here on this leg. I hear we get them in the spring??
I've seen Snow Patrol live in S.F., it was their concert. They were really good, and Gary Lightbody's voice is gorgeous. If you ever get a chance, go to You Tube and type in "Some Surprise," where he sings with Lisa Hannigan....beautiful.

Thanks again for such a great retelling of your experience.

David Comay

Kelly, loved, loved, loved this blog entry (like so many of your earlier entries.) I was at the Chicago shows (as well as Dublin) and I think your comments are spot on (my favorite though is that the album should have been named "Oh" which my daughter would agree with.)

I think many people/critics do miss that U2 and their extended circle of co-creators are not simply musicians but also artists in a much more general sense. They've cared about that aspect even in the early days with the Virgin Prunes and the performance art aspect of it all and I think props like The Claw or the Popmart screen or the curtains used in the last two tours are all part of that artistic creation. And though it may be indulgent in that it's not necessary for them to play music, it is vital for them to deliver their complete artistic vision.

I don't know of any other fan what includes drawings and beautiful ones at that as part of their blog entries. Plus the pictures you included were wonderful. The band would be very proud.


Thanks for the comments! Sorry that they won't be coming to SF, Elizabeth!

And David, I'm flattered. :)


"Maybe I read too much into it, but more than any other song, “Ultraviolet” was thought-provoking, riveting, artistic, and it made me cry. I’ve become weepy every time I’ve talked or even thought about it."


While I can't attend this year's tour (since it barely scrapes a 300 mile radius of where I live), I nodded my head and smiled at this part of your post. When I saw U2 in 2001, I'd been a fan for 18 years and had (for various reasons) managed to miss every single tour until the release of All That You Can't Leave Behind. As if simply seeing these guys live at long last wasn't thrill enough, standing about eight feet from the tip of the "heart" (and thus, Bono and Edge most of the time) was an absolutely incredible experience.

Anyway, I was doing pretty well with all of this until about 3/4 of the way through the set when they suddenly played "Stay," "Bad" and "Where The Streets Have No Name." Three of my all-time favorite U2 songs. Live. In a row. Holy god. I barely made it through singing along to "Bad" at full volume (something I *never* do at concerts) without my chest hitching before the intro to "Streets" pretty much reduced me to a spot on the floor. Damn them! They did that on *purpose*!

Even now, eight years and change later, thinking about that indescribable surge of absolute, unbridled joy makes me wonder when the heck this otherwise-jaded 40 year old music dork became such a sensitive wuss. It's a bit dusty in here right now. Yeah, that's it.

Great blog, Kelly. Keep up the great work (and good cooking). :-)


I saw this on @U2 but thought I'd say it here: well done. Glad it was a blast. And I absolutely agree about Ultraviolet. It seems to be the peak of the whole show.

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