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September 07, 2009


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Love the painting your are working on is gorgeous! Will you share the gelato recipe???? I saw that recipe over at Joy the Baker and was very curious how they would taste, thanks for the review.


Yeah, those things are cardiac killers in cookie form. I just know it.


Elizabeth, after I read your comment I asked Jeff if he would like to guest-blog about gelato. He gave me a "yeah, okay, maybe," so we'll see. :)

Melinda, two things: no butter in them, and you have to weigh the threat of cardiac arrest against how crazy you will go if you don't try them. The craziness was killing me.


Would Jeff give his recipe for the focaccia, as well????

Jeff Carroll

I promise. I'll do a gelato & focaccia episode. The recipes are from Making Artisan Gelato and The Bread Baker's Apprentice. I highly recommend the latter book. It's full of chemistry and traveling anecdotes--two of my favorite things in the world.

Meanwhile, I fully admit that I scarfed at least five of the peanut butter and bacon cookies. xkcd sums it up better than I could.


Hi Kelly, I'm an Emily's viewer and your big fan. My name is Sam and I'm from Vietnam. I have to say that I really adore your artworks , i love Art and fully intend to learn art in university and work as an artist later on( I'm 17 now) So it was extremely lucky for me to find out about you. I love how you re-tell the story of your everyday life onto your paintings (So far, my most favorite piece is Jeff portrait!). And also,you're seem to be a sweet person and also someone who enjoys life as much as possible. If I were in your neighborhood, I would love to join your art class! I think that's all for today. Wish you a nice day!
p/s: your photo (presents two buildings, one blue one pink with clothes being hung on the front!)is currently my computer's wallpaper!


What an absolutely sweet message from you, Sam! That really brightened up my morning. Thank you, and good luck in your art studies. As you develop your skills, you will start to see the world in a whole new way.

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