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September 20, 2009


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I'm intriegued. What exactly does the chocolate *do* for the chili, anyway?


It gives you something to look forward to after six hours of cooking. :)

I think it's supposed to enhance the flavors of everything else in the chili and maybe mellow out the acidity of the tomatoes a bit, but the chili doesn't scream "THERE'S CHOCOLATE IN ME OMG" or anything. It's basically just one Ghirardelli's square-sized piece of chocolate. I've heard of people who toss chocolate chips into their chili, too. One time I read that Tori Amos puts maple syrup into her spaghetti sauce, and for some unknown reason that factoid has always stayed on the tip of my brain. In conclusion, sometimes adding weird stuff to sauces is good, and I can't tell you why, except that it feels awesome to tell people that there's a secret ingredient and they'll never guess what it is. :D

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