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August 08, 2009


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Oh, no, you don't! I'm not going to let you cajole me with this irresistably easy, delicious, and ultimately seam-ripping recipe. Go find yourself another She-Bulk-in-the-making!


Oh yes I DO! You will make this, Melinda, just you wait and see, and you will KNEEL before its Zod-like majesty!


Two things on this blog have Zod-level power, and they're the lemon yogurt cake and this. Resistance is futile!

*try it with peanuts on top!*


Ahh Gelato...I'm not an ice cream lover, but that stuff is addicting. We couldn't get enough of it on our trip to Italy. I have only found one place here in the S.F. bay area that has something close.
There is a recipe in the new issue of Gourmet magazine for hazelnut gelato...I really want to try it.

Your fudge sauce looks very tasty.

Were you surprise at how small the Trevi fountain was? In my minds eye I thought is was much bigger and didn't expect it to be tucked away like it was. Still beautiful none the less.


I'd been to Rome about 9 years ago, so I wasn't surprised this time around, but you're right. It does seem small, and that little tucked-away area seemed so random. But yeah: best gelato in the world is down one of those side streets nearby.


If you and Jeff ever come for a visit in Seattle, I'll take you to Gelatiamo, which is a gelato shop run by a family from Italy who BROUGHT THE REAL EQUIPMENT with them to America so they could "make it taste right."

It tastes just like all the gelato I had in Florence and Rome 5 years ago. ;)

Fun fact: my favorite flavor is "riso" (rice - which tastes like rice pudding).

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