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July 08, 2009


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Wow, I think you may be the king of the packers! Thats extremely, dare I say anally, organised!

I'd love to see Kelly's packing just as a contrast - like a his and hers kind of thing :)

Good call on not using the iPhone data whilst you're away. I'm in the UK and work in the cell phone industry and we hear lots of high-bill horror stories. We had a client let his 16 year old son take his iPhone to New York for the weekend. £6 per MB and 1GB of data later...Ooops.

Kelly Eddington

I will absolutely write a compare and contrast entry re: my packing.

Thank you for mentioning "anally." Maybe now my blog will get more hits!


This is amazing, and the repurposed Trapper Keeper made me guffaw more than I wanted to admit just now.

Jeff Carroll

Beth: Thanks for the comments. Kelly has now drawn her packing list, and she'll likely toss it into an upcoming blog entry, because of your suggestion. RE: iPhone, I probably should have mentioned that AT&T has an international data plan available, too, but since most wouldn't make use of it, I thought the warning about ginormous bills needed to be the focus.

Caroline: Kelly would tell you that I get a child-like glee when I hack something to do a job for which it was never intended.


Great packing skills! I wish I had done that on my trip to Europe this past May/June! We got charged extra weight fees on one airline: 150 extra euros to fly from Bordeaux France to England. It wasn't so bad,since it was Ryan air and we didn't pay anything for the actual flight. ANYWAY, I so wish I had packed like Jeff.
You guys are taking the exact same trip we did when we went to Italy. We started in Rome and ended up in Venice. Loved all of them. Only thing I suggest in Venice is to really look high and low for a cheap place to eat. I can't even begin to tell you how extremely expensive the restaurants there are. We found only one really good one,and it was a fortune!! Stay far away from the main square as possible(my dad rented an apartment and they cooked for themselves, now that is the way to go there). Venice is so magical though, I would love to go back. Florence,had great food and it is such a beautiful city. Rome I was shocked at all the graffiti everywhere and how grimy the buildings were. We also had a very hard time finding very good food. Our Italian friend, from Milan, said that it is hard in Rome to find a really good place, because people don't eat out a lot, and the good food is at home.
Wow, sorry I rambled on there! Have a great time!

Jeff Carroll

Elizabeth: Thanks for your information. This will be my first time to Italy, but from experience in other European cities, you are so correct. In Rome we decided to stay outside the city center, just so we can find better, non-touristy restaurants. It results in a 20 minute bus ride to/from each day, though.

For each city, I've spent part of the great 2009 prep finding places to eat, focusing on off-the-beaten path locations, plus HOPEFULLY learning enough Italian to read signs in windows. We found a few out-of-the-way cichetti (like tapas) places in Venice, so, fingers crossed, we experience some wonderful food without paying inflated prices. Still, it's the apex of the tourist season, so any place that was ID'ed from the internet is probably suspect.

Thanks again.


Hello Kelly & Jeff,

I would say that it’s amazing how someone could actually out bet my fiancé’s light packing, he is also someone that believes in traveling light is the way to go as for me I tend to bring a lot of things just in case but it still is below the airline luggage weight limit.

As for Kelly’s traveling list, well I would love to see what is on that list… maybe it will help me to pack slightly lighter on our next trip!!!


I withhold commentary in solidarity with Kelly.


The Beautiful Kind

OK so I have to say, these posts contrasting The Things She Carried vs The Things He Carried SO reminds me that men suffer such boring fashion!! Everything they wear is brown, blue, black or grey. Just like the baby depts in stores - the girls section is vibrant, cute, welcoming, fun patterns, whimsical! and the boys section is - drab. Military. Dallas Cowboys.


Amen to that! When I entered this house, it was laden with earth tones and muted colors. Little by little, I am brightening up the place with some bold colors. But Jeff will never wear jewel tones, for example. Just not his bag.

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