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June 10, 2009


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The Beautiful Kind

Oh man that B&B Victorian pink room - HAHAHAHAHAHA! I used to LOVE trying out different B&B's, attempted to avoid the girly ones, loved the quirky ones like renovated barns, Civil War themes, cave, former bordello...

I LOVE HOUSE ON THE ROCK!!! SOOO CHEESY! There's a CREEPY hotel near there called Fantasy Suites, it's very The Shining, stuck in the 70's, they have theme rooms and each of the rooms has a cheese vat tub. We stayed in The Swinger room (bed was a giant swing!) and the North Pole room, where the bed was in an igloo and they painted polar bears and penguins on the wall (penguins aren't in North Pole, but it's a FANTASY SUITE, remember.) Plus the room was not cold, PHEW!

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