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April 06, 2009


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Michelle Watson

Kelly, just wanted to let you know I've really been enjoying your blog. Although I'm not too happy that I get to look at those gorgeous cookies but not taste them. They look freakin' fantastic!

Seriously, where do you find the time?


Thanks, Michelle! I'm on day 3 of spring break, so that's where the time comes from. It's kind of a weekend project and not something I'd attempt after a day at work, for example. You can break it down into three steps though, and spread it out over a few days, so it's not a total time-suck.

Day 1: make the dough. Half hour, tops.
Day 2: roll out and bake half of the dough. Hour, tops.
Day 3: make the icing and decorate the cookies. These took about an hour and a half.

I wish you could try some of these! They are really tasty. :D


Artists should NOT be allowed to post pictures of their cookies...the rest of us cannot compete!


these are stupidly awesome, kelly. STUPIDLY!!

by the way, i enjoy every one of your posts and often want to comment but find myself too lazy to click all the way through. how is that for lame.


I don't even think I could bring myself to eat those cookies- they're so gorgeous! I would probably hang them on my wall...until they crumpled and all, unfortunately.


Thank you everybody! You should give these a try--they're not that hard to make. And they're so much fun.

Wade MacMorrighan

I remember Martha saying that about sugar cookies using cognac, but I have only ever seen one brand of cognac; and Google never seems to recommend anything specific in terms of baking. I was wondering what brand/ variety you bought or used? I have never tasted cognac before. Does it taste like any sort of apple, or anything? I have wondered, because I thought cognac was made from apples.


In Martha Stewart's Recipe she actually uses vanilla, and then uses 2 table spoons cognac or milk. She doesn't replace the vanilla for cognac. She just ads the cognac for added flavour.


Interesting! I really like the way these turned out without vanilla at all, but maybe I'll try your idea. Thank you Sandon!

Terry Smith

Kelly, I make sugar cookies every year and enjoyed your suggestion about the cognac. I used orange cognac ---it definitely creates a slightly different tasting cookie (as opposed to using vanilla). However, when I decorate my cookies, I.....
1. thin the Royal Icing to a paint like consistency. (By the way, I use the meringue powder as well---the original Royal Icing called for raw egg whites.) Once the frosting is thinned, I let my kids go at it with basting brushes. It creates a very similar looking cookie to yours but, I think, takes half the time.
2. I also use Wilton colors which I think you use as well---they're ten times more vibrant.
3. When making cookies with kids, I try to stay in the compatible color ranges so.......if the colors accidently get mixed, it's still pretty (eg red/yellow/orange).
4. One last suggestion--- when I roll out cookies, I do it on a marble slab that I take from the freezer. You can go directly from making the batter to rolling out the dough. The coldness of the stone allows you to make very thin cookies with no distortion in the baking.

Hope these suggestions might help others


Awesome tips, Terry! I use a marble slab too, and you're right, cold makes it better. I've never skipped the refrigeration process, so I'll take your word for it on that one. Hope you had a great Christmas!

Terry Smith

One last thing, if you're making Xmas cookies with white frosting, you need to invest in the Wilton Icing color called White-White. It makes your frosting white like snow as opposed to a buttercream white which is akin to dirty snow. I use white a lot for my cookies. Colored sprinkles look beautiful against a white background. The white nonpareils are also a "must" to make everything look sweet and snowy. The white frosting is good for snowmen, xmas trees, angels, etc. I do something like you Kelly when it comes to trees and wreathes----like painting with a white toothpick frosting on green frosted cookie and adding some bright red hot candies for the berries. Very pretty.

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