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March 24, 2009


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Dunno what kind of products Mr Fancy indicated you should use, but I like the cut a lot, and I feel your pain about thick hair.

I use one product ever: Sheer Brilliance, which is a basic silicon/oil serum. It makes my hair behave and act shiny while it air dries, which is every day, because it would seriously take an hour to blow dry it. No thank you.


Hi Kelly! (new reader from the @U2 website..U2Kitteh)

I don't ever recall seeing a picture of you there! You are stunning!

I like your curly hair and the cut! I have wavy hair that both refuses to curl and is too thick to straighten..and if I blow dry it, it turns into giant Miss America bouffant, which is usually not the look I'm going for, hehe..

Anyway, I think it looks great...and what is the old saying? "Because you're worth it!" (Hehe, which as I type that makes me realize that my hair routine is worth about $15 bucks, lol..)

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