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July 19, 2011


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Jane L.

I'm so glad Bun is doing well! I can totally relate to this story re. the fear, worrying, stress and responsibility (well worth it!).

In the 4.5 years I've had my 2 adopted cats (who are completely indoors), they've managed to both have upper respiratory infections along with conjunctivitis (which still flares up every now and then) and ringworm from the shelter (which I ended up catching myself and having to scrub my entire apartment with bleach and dunk my unhappy cats in sulfur baths), getting stitches from probably carelessly running around, allergic reaction causing hair loss and a fat lower lip (due to a kelp based pet dental supplement I gave - thank you $500 allergy exam for that answer), both recently ripping apart my macadamia nut cookie from the wrapper my friend left out (causing both to vomit/diarrhea) and had to take them to the vet. One cat finding a power bar I accidently left out which he decided to tear apart on this crochet blanket and then ate the wrapper as well as left a huge hole in the blanket (the strawberry gunk in the power bar left residue on the blanket which he decided to chew out) . When I took my cat to the vet to try and take out the wrapper pieces/blanket threads that may cause issues in his intestines my cat actually freaked out going under and ended up dying on the table - they were luckily able to resuscitate him which he then came down with pneumonia and a warning from the doctor that he may have brain damage due to the lack of oxygen when he stopped breathing (he made it thru w.out any damage thank god! - but I ended up with a 5K vet bill - thank you NYC vet hospitals for the insane costs)..then i went thru a minor rough patch with these two boys when they decided one day that they hated each other and one kept getting bit by the other cat (more vet bills)..After consulting a cat behaviorist ($$$) she gave me a lot of tips and after one month they decided to love each other again...and now I have another vet appt this weekend with a animal cardiologist since one of my cats has a heart murmur that may or may not be one...i went to three vets and all three said its borderline and I need to have an echo to make sure its not a physiological murmur

All this and making sure I never leave out ANY food (obviously not even those in wrappers b/c my cats are dogs (one actually plays fetch), ANY plastic (one cat enjoys chewing and eating plastic for the hell of it..or to piss me off), ANY paper (the other cat if I don't wake up to feed him breakfast early enough when he wants it, starts ripping apart any paper he sees into little shreds and spits it out on the floor), ANY trinkets (b/c they will literally take it and I will never see it again) and YES I had to baby proof my cabinets..b/c they learned how to open EACH one (even the high ones above the oven hood! god knows how they open those!) they break into them and take out treat bags I hide and tear them apart eating them all! ..even after baby proofing my cabinets..i'm still so scared they'll break in that I keep their treats in the dishwasher!!! One cat also sits on my chest in the morning and yowls in my face to get up. Funny thing is..they have never bit or scratched me..they're just menaces in every other way.

i am so broke from vet costs but pet insurance helped me immensely..and my credit card =( Even though they put me in major debt and I never knew they would take me down this road...I don't regret ever giving them my all..some would say this is all bad luck..but I think God gave them to me b/c he knew they would need someone like me...just like Bun needed someone like you!

On a funny note, since one cat likes to jump on the counter and shove through my arms (literally) to eat his food while I'm trying to put it into a bowl, I learned a tip to spray a bit of water on him to deter him from coming on the counters..not only did he not give a crap..but i came home from work to find the nozzle chewed off of the spray (JUST the nozzle) causing the spray to no longer work.

If things ever get tough..please remember me and my demonic cats and stories from hell~!


I hope your little one pulls through OK! Bun looks just like my cat, who has had the fortune to have no poop-related problems, just occasional fight wounds.


Thanks for writing a follow-up on Bun....I had been thinking of Bun, you and Jeff. What a wonderful hospital and you are so lucky it is so close. She probably feels better than she has in a long time, even with the surgery recovery process to finish yet. I wish I had had such a hospital when one of my dogs had a tumor in her nasal cavity. Your little Bun cookie is too cute!!! That husband you have is such a Keeper! Just a wonderful guy that I'm so glad you found. You are both such lovely people and I will keep Bun and you both in my prayers. Sending you all the best of thoughts!


I have never left a comment but am a long time lurker who has enjoyed reading your blogs, trying your recipes, and admiring your art!

As a fur mom to one dog and two cats, I just wanted to say that I'm so happy that Buns is doing better! She's not out of the woods yet but I'm hoping that her recovery continues to do well. She is a much loved cat and member of the family and I'm sure she knows how much she means to you and Jeff!


I'm so glad things worked out and Bun is doing better. I can relate to your struggle because I lost my cat in February after a month long fight and many expensive vet trips to many offices and doctors. It was truly awful to lose her but I have no regrets about doing everything I could to save her despite people saying I should give up. It makes me happy to see that your cat is doing well and your hard work paid off. I hope Bun has a long and happy life with her wonderful owners.

Elizabeth Mackey

Phew!!! I was so hoping that this post would have a good ending!! I sure hope the condition can be managed with the meds and diet. Poor Bun!!! I bet she feels much lighter :)


Thanks to all of you for your words of understanding and support! Bun is improving day by day. We're taking her back to the U of I for a follow-up appointment to see how she's doing. We love her so much!


so sorry to hear about this, but i am glad you seem to be approaching a happy ending. i gotta say though, MEGACOLON kinda blows my mind. i'm glad your doc went to the colon blow place though, since that is a reference we make in our house at least on a weekly basis.

best to you and the fam.


I'm glad Bun is doing much better.. you had me worried for a moment! Thanks for the update :) I really enjoy your blog!


Hope your Bun continues to do well. She and my Daniel could be siblings (except for the lost tail.) Your love for her sustains her...

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